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The role of a tutor is vital in realizing the full value of this online booking system and utilizing our resources more efficiently.

Tutors can create workshops, book a room for the workshop, add learners to a work shop, confirm attendance on the day and print registers for learners to sign. Tutors can also view workstation availability in flexible learning rooms, book appointments / vacant workstations for learners wishing to attend the center and confirm whether they attended or not.

Last but not least tutors can review flexible learning attendance in order to prompt a follow up of learners missing their appointment.

In order to register for tutor access to the system, please speak to the center manager.
All learners should book a workstation in advance of attending a centre – either by phone / email or in person at the end of their previous session.

If a learner drops in without notice, they must still be booked in to an available slot / workstation on this system so their attendance and the use of that workstation is recorded.

Simply select the date required and a flexible learning room. You will then be able to view a table showing this room's existing bookings for that day and the time slots / workstations still available. Simply select a workstation at the time you wish the session to start / finish and enter the details of the learner and any notes relevant to that appointment i.e. 'learner taking practice test.'

When the learner arrives for their session REMEMBER to confirm their attendance so the system can effectively non-attending learners.
It is a funding and audit require ment for all workshop attendance to be recorded on a signed register with a range of headings which have been provided in the funding guidance.

With a wider range of workshop now needing to be held on a regular basis, we also need a room booking and workshop scheduling system. This online booking system will enable the tutor to create a workshop, book a room, specify the workshop details and add learners to the workshop up to the pre-determined room capacity. Tutors can also view existing (active) work shop bookings to delete / add learners and confirm attendance on the day.

Once the workshop has started and all lea rner attendance has been confirmed, the tutor can then print the register for all learners to sign and ensure a copy is kept in centre file for audit purposes as and when needed.
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